2023 residency artists

We would like to introduce you to the ‘Passage’ 2023 Artist-in-Residence artists. Sara Perovic, born in Croatia, lives and works in Berlin, will focus on the theme of relationships during her residency. In her photographic images, she explores connections that bring people into contact with each other – or with nature. Having started her day by cycling along the Mulde river as a daily routine, she revolves around images that depict the invisible bond between people and nature. In many of her works, Perovic also addresses the relationship between herself and her daughter. We are pleased to have been able to award a place to a female artist with a child again this year and to have been setting up the necessary conditions to enable Sara and her daughter the stay.

Chrystel Lebas, born in France and currently living and working in London, will continue her work on forest and sound. She has been using photography and analogue film for years to develop a broader understanding of the complex encounter between humans and nature. She will explore Dübener Heide with its huge transformation processes in forest due to cole mining and climate change.

More about the artists: Sara Perovic’s photography is driven by her interests in perception of space, abstraction, repetitiveness and feeling of self. Her body of work focuses on textures (Palmeral, 2017), depicts the invisible (Bura, 2015), and shows nature’s fragility with ethereal photos (I was there, 2015). Her latest project (My fathers legs, 2020) is a mix of concept and emotion, stretching the boundries between conceptual art and art-as-therapy. In 2020 her book ‘My Father’s Legs’ was shortlisted for Les Recontres d’Arles Prix du Livre d’Auteur and Aperture/Paris Photo First Book Award. Among several solo and group shows, she founded and curated the fanzine ‘aTree’, promoting young photographers (available at MoMa Library New York). Sara Perovic currently works as a photographer and architect in Berlin.

Chrystel Lebas is a graduate from the Royal College of Art, her photographs and films have been widely exhibited. Works are held in several private and public collections. She has published three monographs: ‘L’espace temps-Time in Space’ (2003), ‘Between Dog and Wolf’ (2006) and ‘Field Studies: Walking through Landscapes and Archives’ published to accompany the exhibition at Huis Marseille Museum for Photography, Amsterdam (2017) that won the Kraszna Krausz Best Photography Book Award 2018 and Best Dutch book design 2016.

Published: 19th June 2023