The project

‘Passage’, temporary artist residencies in the region of the Dübener Heide, a programme of the Kultur- und Kunstverein Kemberg e.V. ‘Passage’ aims to look at the region of the Dübener Heide in the context of its history, landscape and culture through artistic approaches by means of photography and film and to thematise it regionally and transregionally. The aim is to highlight trends and focal points of a region that is undergoing a transition. ‘Passage’ is looking for ways to use ingenuity and creativity to broaden the view of the fragility of nature and make social changes visible. The Kultur- und Kunstverein Kemberg e.V. is the initiator and organiser of the project. The project is supported by the LEADER programme of the Dübener Heide and receives funding from the European Social Fund.

The association

The Kultur- und Kunstverein Kemberg e.V. (Kemberg Culture and Art Association), founded in 1995, sees its main focus in the investigation and communication of the history of the town of Kemberg and its districts. The focus is on regionally unique traditions. In this form of research, documentation and preservation, the association sees itself as a promoter of the visual and performing arts with a focus on language, literature and music. The association organises exhibitions, lectures, guided tours, musical afternoons and discussions. The support and implementation of projects of schools and other associations, as well as projects of the town of Kemberg, are also part of the association’s work. The association has 31 members.


Kultur- und Kunstverein Kemberg e.V.
Markt 1, 06901 Kemberg


Artistic Direction: Jan Stradtmann
Visual Identity: Valerio Nicoletti & Carlos Vin Lopes
Development: Davide Giorgetta