Passage Shorts – Laura Pannack

Next round of ‘Passage Shorts’. Currently Laura Pannack is staying for two weeks in the Dübener Heide. Laura Pannack was ‘Passage’ Artist-in-Residence in November 2021 and, after another stay in May 2022, she continues the work she has started in 2021. Under the working title ‘Tales from the Dübener Heide’, she reflects on tales passed on by people of the region. These folk tales describe the origins of place names, or events that cannot be proven. What significance do these folktales have for the area? Does a society seek in conventional, yet unverifiable stories, a counterbalance to ever-changing conditions of life? In her work, Laura Pannack transforms excerpts from these tales into events that have taken place – together with people from the region she meets and interacts with. The “it was like this” manifests itself through the photographic apparatus. In the resulting photographs Laura Pannack writes new narratives and questions “history” as a possible interpretation for the present.
Instagram: laurapannack

Published: 23rd August 2023