Passage Shorts – new format

Passage Shorts – a new format of the ‘Passage’ Residency Programme. With ‘Passage Shorts’, we want to invite artists to stay and work on a specific theme in the Dübener Heide. This includes the continuation of a work in progress or enables collaborations with partners of the ‘Passage’ programme. We are delighted to welcome Italian photographer Benedetta Ristori as first ‘Passage Shorts’ artist. Benedetta will be photographing during the Splash! music festival on the Ferropolis peninsula. We are pleased to cooperate with GoodLive, the organiser of the festival, for the first round of ‘Passage Shorts’.

About Benedetta: Benedetta Ristori’s work is focused on the tension between a form and the space it takes and where it’s contained by. Daily objects or common landscapes that are apparently meaningless, for the artist are symbols of connection between interiority and materiality. The outside world is faced and represented through suspended atmospheres, bringing the viewer into a spaceless and timeless experience. Working in both staged and documentary photography, the vision is always consistent, combining location, colors and composition, with a particular attention on subtraction and reduction to the essential.

Benedetta about her planned project: “The area of Ferropolis was the centre of the brown coal industry in central Germany until thirty years ago. It’s the fate of many similar industrial sites in Germany and other parts of the world that are being closed down in the course of the global change in the world of labour – leaving behind fallow, sometimes abandoned, empty areas. In agriculture, the German term ‘Brache’ referes to farmland that has to rest between two sowings so that it can revitalise. This void often initiates processes of transformation and regeneration. By preserving and converting a place to a new use, it retains its identity and history, creating a fusion with the present and a reinterpretation of the territory. The aim is to capture the Ferropolis site during a contemporary music festival that builds new layers of memory through different temporary environments and festival visitors“. 
Instagram: b.ristori

Published: 28th June 2023